Nils Hint

Nils Hint is a blacksmith and applied artist living and working in Estonia. His work ranges from contemporary jewellery to installation and sculpture. He sees iron in all its wonders. In his hands iron leaves its super practical world and experiences the forms outside the boundaries given to it.

If you had access to all the powers, how would you improve the world?
By making sure that nobody ever would access these powers again.

What are the biggest sustainability challenges in your work and how are you addressing them?
In my studio I produce a diverse variety of dust and fumes which I also inhale myself in large quantities.

Which conscious lifestyle choices are you making? And are you considering any new ones?
My life has no particular style, it’s just a plain and simple life. I am respectful and grateful to the environment, people and all life in general.

What have you rebelled against in the past, and what are you rebelling against now?
I have been rebelling against all the grown ups and I am still rebelling against them.

Do you think cutlery can still be improved? If yes, in what way?
I guess everything can always be improved in some way or another. In this case maybe we should instead improve ourselves and the way we use cutlery. For example it is always nice to finish your dish and not throw away food.

What was the inspiration for your Steinbeisser pieces?
I don’t believe in common sense inspiration. Although in everything I make I get influenced by my surroundings: space, materials and sounds. In this case some influence has come from the industrial environment of the train depot where my studio is located.

Describe your work in 3 words!
I love you.

What kind of materials do you use and where do you get them from?
Mostly I work with found iron objects. I collect old tools in my studio where they serve me both as instruments and materials at the same time. I get them mostly from the local junk yard where huge piles of scrap iron is waiting on its way to recycling plants.

What has been your favorite dinner experience?
Dinner with family, dinner with friends, dinner with good food. Kitchen is the heart of my home.

What excites you about tomorrow?
Smell of coffee in the morning.