‘A New Shop for Artful, Imaginative Dining’ The New York Times

‘Avant-garde tableware for daring diners’ Financial Times

‘Designer cutlery and tableware for the experimental eater’ Globe and Mail

Why not enjoy the beautiful pieces on this website instead of reading a boring text about who we are? The pieces pretty much speak for themselves. But in case you would like to know more about us, well then carry on reading!

You might wonder why the name Jouw…? Well, first of all this initiative was created by Jouw Wijnsma and Martin Kullik. But most importantly jouw in Dutch means your, and perhaps one of the unique pieces might become yours!

In 2012 Steinbeisser launched the Experimental Gastronomy initiative that brings together renowned chefs and artists for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Artists create unique cutlery and dishware that celebrates experimentation.

Driven by a search for new ways to enjoy food, these pieces don’t follow the normal rules of usability. Instead, they challenge you to reconsider preconceptions about the relationship between tableware and the user. They can be loved for their thought-provoking function but also for their beauty.

Yet it is not only about beauty, we also believe in sustainability. That’s why all the pieces are crafted only from natural materials, such as wood, calabash, stone, metal, clay and glass. Often sourced locally and using materials that are found, recycled and/or reused. Even the smaller parts of the pieces such as glue, paint and glazing, are organic and biodegradable.

All pieces available on this site are exclusive artist collaborations with Steinbeisser

Now for the first time these pieces are made available through Jouw…