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Jouw… December Update


More than 200 new pieces have been added to Jouw…!

The new update includes Jochen Holz‘ water and wine glasses, Joo Hyung Park‘s wooden moment spoons, Myung Urso‘s paper clay plates, Nils Hint‘s gold file spoons, Nuala Clooney & Kaye Winwood‘s finger and tongue glasses, Selen Ozus‘ the closest plates, Sharon Adams‘ twig spade spoons and forks, Sophie Hanagarth‘s finger and beak pliers spoons, Stian Korntved Ruud‘s musical spoons, Tala Yuan‘s calabash bowls, Weng Ian Lai‘s ping pong spoons.

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Launch of Jouw… Consultancy

Steinbeisser Alexandre Gauthier

Can we be blunt? (please say yes!)

Well let’s say we can… OK, here it goes: quite honestly most of the dishware and cutlery used in restaurants are dull. So, there we said it. But what can we do about it? Well maybe more than you think. Since 2012 we organize with Steinbeisser the Experimental Gastronomy​ events for which we ask international artists to create unique plates, bowls, spoons, forks, glasses and much more. To give you an idea what we mean with unique please have a look at the images below.

With the success of our Steinbeisser events and seeing how excitingly the audience responds to these new kind of dishware and cutlery we believe now is the time to integrate these pieces into our eating culture. In our opinion, restaurants (or anyone else in the world of food and drinks for that matter) should give tableware and eating tools just as much thought as the actual food served to create an all encompassing experience.

If you are interested in how we could help you make this happen please contact us.

Also have a look at our Jouw… Consultancy with more inspiring images.


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Jouw… December Update

2017-10-05 Steinbeisser106744

More than 180 new pieces have been added to Jouw…!

The new update includes Elin Flognman‘s recycled table wood and brass spoons, Joe Pintz‘ shovel plates, Joo Hyung Park‘s ottchil lacquered moment spoons, Katharina Dettar & Stine Keinicke‘s sharing plates, Kathleen Reilly‘s ‘ways of serving’ plates, Laia Ribas Valls‘ playful spoons, Machteld Lambeets‘ dinner creatures plates, Nils Hint‘s recycled double forks and knives, Sophie Hanagarth‘s worm tracks spoons, Tala Yuan‘s calabash bamboo spoons, Tono Perez‘ sculptural teapots and Young Ran Lee‘s sculpture bowls.