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Jouw… December Update


More than 200 new pieces have been added to Jouw…!

The new update includes Jochen Holz‘ water glasses, Joo Hyung Park‘s wooden moment spoons, Laurin Schaub‘s fiji mountain plates, Margareta Daepp‘s smoked ice plates, Myung Urso‘s paper clay plates, Nils Hint‘s gold file spoons, Nuala Clooney & Kaye Winwood‘s finger and tongue glasses, Selen Ozus‘ the closest plates, Sharon Adams‘ twig spade spoons and forks, Sophie Hanagarth‘s finger and beak pliers spoons, Stian Korntved Ruud‘s musical spoons, Tala Yuan‘s calabash bowls, Weng Ian Lai‘s ping pong spoons.

We wish you cheerful holidays, a very merry Christmas and a happy start of the new year!

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Steinbeisser Events 2018


In 2018 Steinbeisser will bring renowned French chef Alexandre Gauthier from two Michelin-starred restaurant La Grenouillère to Amsterdam, return to the Merian gardens in Basel this time with chef Yoji Tokuyoshi, hold its very first Experimental Gastronomy in Bern, and host the special ‘Young Chefs under 30’.

Find here the complete Steinbeisser programme for 2018:

• June 5 + 6 • Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands
• with Alexandre Gauthier (La Grenouillère**) • read more

• September 19 + 20 • Merian gardens in Basel, Switzerland
• with Yoji Tokuyoshi (Tokuyoshi*) • read more

• October 20 + 21 • In a vault cellar at the Hochhaus in Bern, Switzerland
• with Fabian Raffeiner (Meridiano*) and Simon Apothéloz (Eisblume*) • read more

You can take a visual journey through the past happenings on the Steinbeisser journal.