Playful spoon

Laia Ribas Valls


This spoon is made of brass and olive wood.

Part of Laia Ribas Valls’ “Duality, Multiplicity, Playfulness” series of spoons. “Duality” means using two very different materials, metal and wood, shaping both in a way to resemble each other. “Multiplicity” by fragmenting and reassembling the spoons in many different ways. And “Playfulness” by creating moving and confusing elements for the user to fully enjoy the experience.

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Techniques used: modeling, casting, carving, sanding and gluing.

Working time: approximately 8 hours.

Dimensions: 24 x 10 x 3.5 cm

Cleaning instructions: The spoon can be carefully cleaned with water and soap. Wipe the spoon dry with a cloth and leave it so the remaining moisture can evaporate. Once the spoon is dried apply a bit of olive oil to the wooden part. When the metal part starts to oxidize, you can clean it with a brass brush.