Loop spoon

Elin Flognman


This spoon is made of magnolia tree (from my garden), copper (from my parents old roof) and gold plating.

Part of Elin Flognman’s first series of unique cutlery pieces. Each spoon is made from materials with a history, like her parents old copper roof, wood from trees cut down in a nearby park and lenses from used glasses, contemplating the experience of the meal in different ways. What is a correct food culture? Is it ok to eat with your fingers? What if the table becomes the spoon?

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Techniques used: carving, forging, soldering, gold plating, gluing

Working time: approximately 5 hours.

Dimensions: 36 x 27 x 6 cm

Cleaning instructions: The spoon can be carefully cleaned with water and soap. Wipe the spoon dry with a cloth and leave it so the remaining moisture can evaporate. Once the spoon is dried apply a bit of linseed or walnut oil.