Bell Spoon

Stian Korntved Ruud


This spoon is made of stainless steel, brass and wood.

The spoon is all about sound. Part of the “MaterialAcoustic” project by Stian Korntved Ruud, for which he created a series of modular eating instruments. The piece consists of a stainless steeel spoon with a M4 thread on the end that can easily be screwed on the instrument part. Once connected the spoon can be used as a cutlery tool as well as a musical instrument.

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Techniques used: filing, sawing, soldering, sandblasting, brushing.

Working time: approximately 5 hours.

Dimensions: 26 x 20 x 20 cm

Cleaning instructions: The spoon part can be taken off the instrument and washed in the dishwasher or by hand with water and soap. The instrument part can be cleaned carefully with a dry towel.