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Steinbeisser Events 2019

NEU Steinbeisser with Alexandre Gauthier in Amsterdam 2018 1 © Marion Luttenberger for

In 2019 Steinbeisser will bring together four of the best chefs in the United States for the NYC premiere of the Experimental Gastronomy, return to Amsterdam featuring one of Asia’s most celebrated chefs André Chiang, and hold its very first dinners in Vienna.

Find here the complete Steinbeisser programme for 2019:

• May 18 + 19 • in New York, USA
• with Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn***, SF), Elise Kornack (NY), Emma Bengtsson (Aquavit**, NY) and
Niki Nakayama (n/naka, LA) • read more

• June 14 – 16 • in Amsterdam, Netherlands
• with André Chiang (Taiwan) • read more

• October 4 + 5 • in Vienna, Austria
• with Lukas Mraz (Mraz & Sohn**), Philip Rachinger (Mühltalhof) and
Felix Schellhorn (Hansi Hansi) • read more

You can take a visual journey through the past happenings on the Steinbeisser journal.