Map viewer tripod eating utensil

Map viewer tripod eating utensil

Sergey Jivetin


This spoon is made of an antique map magnifier, brass and bronze utensils.

Part of Sergey Jivetin’s “Spectacle” series that enables the user to step back in time and rediscover that sense of wonder, while playfully examining the micro and macro aspects of their food. Each object was crafted from a specific type of antique devices – antique opera binoculars, map readers, microscope barrels, and navigational chart dividers – first being reassembled and then retrofitted with other found and hand-fabricated elements to create an individual unique piece.

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Product Description

Techniques used: turning, milling, sawing, filing and forming.

Working time: approximately 12 hours.

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 10 cm