Jasmin Matzakow
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Burnt Wood Plate

Jasmin Matzakow


This plate is made of spruce wood harvested in the black forest.

Part of Jasmin Matzakow’s “Burnt” dishware made by burning a slice of wood, a process that resembles digestion. The fire ate up a part of the dish, from which one will eat. When in use, the dish leaves traces of coal, marking its presence with black dust. The power dynamics between user and object shifts the more the dish is used and the less coal is left to mark its surroundings.

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Product Description

Techniques used: sawing and burning.

Working time: approximately 3 hours.

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 1.5 cm

Cleaning instructions: The plate can be carefully cleaned with warm water, soap and a brush. Coal will come off during the use and the cleaning, which is the intention. Coal is a natural, non-toxic element.