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Jouw… December Update

2017-10-05 Steinbeisser106744

More than 180 new pieces have been added to Jouw…!

The new update includes Elin Flognman‘s recycled table wood and brass spoons, Helen Habtay‘s upcycled tile plates, Joe Pintz‘ shovel plates, Joo Hyung Park‘s ottchil lacquered moment spoons, Julia Obermaier‘s rooftop bowls and scenic lookout plates, Katharina Dettar & Stine Keinicke‘s sharing plates, Kathleen Reilly‘s ‘ways of serving’ plates, Laia Ribas Valls‘ playful spoons, Machteld Lambeets‘ dinner creatures plates, Nils Hint‘s recycled double forks and knives, Sophie Hanagarth‘s worm tracks spoons, Tala Yuan‘s calabash bamboo spoons, Tono Perez‘ sculptural teapots and Young Ran Lee‘s sculpture bowls.