Sigurd Bronger

Sigurd Bronger is an artist and jewellery maker living and working in Norway. His usable instruments provoke a humorous and surprising reflection on how closely jewellery, art, design and engineering are connected with each other.

What have you rebelled against in the past, and what are you rebelling against now?
In general I have rebelled against the mass production of unnecessary products. Now I am rebelling against jewellery which is produced mainly for its value and decoration without any artistic value.

Do you need to be a rebel to enjoy your work?
Exploring my ideas and creating my works give me much joy. But sometimes I need to rebel against the trends, which I try to avoid as much as I can.

Do you use your own work?
Never! But I always spend a lot of time trying out the objects I make.

Do you think cutlery can still be improved? If yes, in what way?
Yes! I think there are many new areas to explore in art. To me it is about representation and the imaginable. The borders between dream and reality are not fixed. The only thing that can limit your experience of art are your prejudices.

What was the inspiration for your Steinbeisser series?
Hearing the lecture of Jouw and Martin at the Zimmerhof Symposium in Bad Rappenau, Germany, in 2017 inspired me to start experimenting with cutlery.

Describe your work in 3 words!
Surrealistic. Challenging. Unique.

What kind of materials do you use and where do you get them from?
I have been using materials like my mother’s gallstones, sea shells, diamond dust, soap, old shoe soles, just to mention a few. For the cutlery I used a combination of silver with old wood branches from the forest behind my house.

What are you working on right now?
At the moment I am planning my next solo exhibition at the Design Museum Neue Sammlung in Munich, Germany.

What has been your favourite dinner experience?
A lunch at an Italian Restaurant in Munich in 2016 with my friend Chef Eirik Sevaldsen.

What excites you about tomorrow?
The possibility to encourage myself to produce and make new work of art.

What further ambitions do you have?

What are your 3 favourite pieces on Jouw…?
The work of  Nils Hint, Sophie Hanagarth and Sharon Adams.